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Connecting banana plugs


Standard Member
Hey guys

Just wondering how to actually connect banana plugs onto some cabling for my xtz 93wmts.

Im guessing i split the cabling about 3 cm down the middle (?), strip it back about 2 cm (?), then screw it into the banana plug adapters (?)

Never done it before, just checking :)


Distinguished Member
Yep you have the right idea, just make sure no unshielded cable is outside the banana plug area:thumbsup:

Also if they can be soldered, thats even better (some can be fixed either way iirc):smashin:


Standard Member

Thats what iv got

i cant see how its gonna work - whats the hole for on the side? whats the little cylinder thing for ?


Distinguished Member
Put the bare cable into the hole at the side. Then put the cylinder in the top and screw down the top so the cable gets squashed by the cylinder and hence holding the cable in place.


Active Member
Ignore the hole (not exactly sure which one you're referring to as there's only one on the side where you insert the bare cable)

Just follow PSM's advice and you'll not go wrong :smashin:


Distinguished Member
Your banana plug supports wiring through the side or through the top. Using the back (larkone) is more common as it reduces the chances of having loose strands and is easier to (dis)connect. Using the side (PSM1) is convenient if there is limited space at the back of the kit for the wire to stick out.


Standard Member
Thanks guys

I dont have any heatshrink however! Would it be recommended to get some or will it work good enough without?

It does look tidier going through the back and a lot more secure thats just what i needed though, thanks to all helping


Active Member
The picture looks good as far as they went with the connector used. I believe if you put your wire through the end as pictured, spread the wire out as shown, use the collar to cover the spread wire, then clamp the collared wire with the screw, you should be OK.

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