Connecting AV receiver to DVD & PVR

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by schnuffi, Aug 5, 2006.

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    I am about to purchase an AV receiver and would like some help regarding connections. Having read loads of threads and had some advice through this forum I seem to get myself a bit confused. For sound I aim to connect DVD via digital coax and my PVR via optival (it has no coax out). For viewing on my old CRT TV with 2 x scart leads I was aiming to connect the PVR directly to the RGB scart and the DVD to the second scart (not RGB but has S-Video capabilities) and purchase a cheap vidoe cable so I can use OSD for setting up the speakers/av receiver.
    I've now got myself a little confused and am now stating to thing that I should connect the TV through the receiver via the S-video scart. However, I've just purchased a 5m scart-scart lead for my DVD (sits on my HI Fi rack some 4 metres from the TV) and am reluctant to spend yet more money on leads but would like to get the best performance from my set up and would like to have all the leads i need ready for the new receiver.
    Can anyone please advise?

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