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Hello again,

I have now got the follwoing kit:

TV: Panasonic TX-36PB50
AMP: Marantz SR4200
DVD: Toshiba SD220e
Video: Panasonic 630
NTL Digital cable set top box
MS speakers.

Video wise I presume connecting direct to the TV is best. If so I can connect all direct to my TV so no probs there. Mind you whats best, this TV has 3x scart in sockets of which 2 can be S-Video in, with an S-Video socket on the front.

However, I dont know the best way to connect the audio to the amp.

What in pecking order is the best way to connect things for audio:

Firstly DVD to amp - the DVD has an optical digital out and a coax digital out. The amp has 2x optical digital in and 2xcoax digital. All four are programmable.

Do I connect both from the DVD? IS one used for 5.1 and other for say stereo CD playing?

Any help would be gratefully received.

Many thanks.


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Pids, there are lots of posts on this site discussing your issue in length but in brief...

Personally I'd connect the DVD to the amp using an optical cable.
This will carry ALL sound formats mono/stereo/DTS/DD etc to the amp with the Amp doing the processing for the output sound.

Connect the TV to the DVD player with an RGB Scart cable. (unless the panny has Component sockets as are present on Tosh tv's and your 220 player)



That was quick.

Thank you. No I the Panny TV does not have component sockets. So RGB Scart it is then. TY

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