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Can anyone tell me if they have used an Arcam DV89 with a Arcam A85 Intergrated Amp.....?????...... and if so, what it sounds like.

At the moment i have a Arcam DV89 and a Denon is OK if i have the arcam wierd up Via the onboard decoder, but i have just brought a Pioneer 565, so the misses can listern to her SACD's again, so have connected the DV89 via Stereo pair (van den hul the well) to the CD input on the 3803, but for some reason i have lost the low end, unless i turn the sub channel up to full (+12db).
I have also tried the 565 and my philips dvdr, connected to the CD input on the 3803 and the low end is still very quiet.
Have also tried them on other inputs with the same results.
I get loads of low end with sky music channels and the VCR and with the PC connected, playing MP3's, these are connected to the 3803 with just a pair of interconnects.
So thought maybe i would invest in a A85 Intergrated and see if that is better with a pair of B+W 603's connected to it.
Then connect the A85 to the 3803's pre outs for movies.

For some reason the 3803 is not sending the low freq's from CD's to the sub, as it does for SKY etc.

So what i really want to know, after that longish post, is will i get the low end back if i get the A85 intergrated, with the DV89 or would i be best going for something like the CD62 or 82.....????

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