Connecting an LG BD555 to an LG HT353SD system


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I already have an LG DVD and surround sound system (HT353SD) and have my TV and XBox connected through it so we get the surround sound when playing on the XBox as well as when watching TV and DVDs. I would really like to get a blu ray player as a christmas present for my husband but don't have the money to go out and get a whole blu ray surround sound system. I have seen one that I like the look of (LG BD555) and was wondering if it is at all possible to connect that up to my existing surround sound system? If I can't do it directly is there any kit I can get to still keep everything going through the surround sound? Any advice from anyone will be very much appreciated. :lease:


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I believe there is only a analogue stereo input on your original surround sound system..........and in fact only gives a virtual surround sound effect as opposed to true 5.1/7.1 etc........

So the answer is yes, you may be able to connect a bluray player up to it if the blu ray player has a stereo output [RCA plugs, 3.5mm jack]........which it does.......

But you wont be taking benefit of the multi channel audio that comes with HD movies.......

But I suspect this is not important at this stage..................he will love it.....

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