Connecting An External USB Drive To An iPad 2?


My wife wants an iPad 2 and as she wants to store her music and TV boxsets on it, she is really going to need a 64Gb as she never wants to delete anything (trust me on this she has also filled our Sky+ HD box in no time lol).

To save a bit of money, I was wondering if it was possible to get a 16Gb iPad 2 and then connect an external USB drive to it and watch videos from it? Even if it means jailbreaking it. Is this possible? Better yet, a SD card (in a USB caddy which I already have) .


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I think with some tinkering USB devices can be recognized, but getting the ipad to read files from it is another story......

you could network the files on a NAS or home computer and stream the music and video to the ipad wirelessly.........

the music and video would also need to be in a compatible format to play, so lots of video conversion, there may be DLNA server software that could transcode the media on the fly......

and then you would need to find an DLNA client app for the ipad that will work with the server machine....

Could she store only some of the box sets at a time hence requiring less space......?
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Cool. I know it's a single review but didn't look good. Good to hear otherwise as these devices look very tempting!

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