Question Connecting Amazon Firestick to (old) Yamaha DSP-E800 (no HDMI)?


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Hi guys & gals,

Ive just bought an Amazon 4k Firestick and I'm pretty impressed with it from a video perspective, but would like to exploit the audio. options rather than through (also old) TV speakers.

My system:

TV. (old) Panasonic TH-42PV500B - 720p with only 1 x HDMI.
Receiver: (old) Yam DSP-E800 (no HDMI)
Amp. (modern) Audiolab 6000A
Speakers. (modern) Tannoy XT-6F
BluRay. (modern-ish) Sony BDP-S790

So, I can enjoy stereo audio through my speakers through the Yam receiver for TV (via Sky HD box) and BluRay/DVD through my Sony BDP (along with streaming Netflix/BBC Iplayer etc), but the only option to hear the new firestick through my Tannoy's is via Blue tooth on the Audiolab which isnt the best IMO.

There's only one HDMI to the tv and I use a 3 way splitter box to input Sky box, BluRay and Firestick.

Any ideas?

Hope that makes sense!



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Can you output optical from the tv to the receiver?


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There's no means by which to directly output audio from the Firestick to the DSP-E800. The pnly option would be to connect the Firestick to your TV via HDMI and then pass the audio through the TV and out to the E800. I'd suggest using an optical audio connection from the TV to the E800 and this should enable you to access SD 5.1 formatted and stereo audio depending upon your TV's audio output capabilities.

The only other option would be to use a standalone audio extractor, but most of these will be HDMI version 1.4 and not compliant with what would be needed to pass 4K video through them and the extractors ordinarilly only sresult in 2 channel stereo audio.
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I can't I'm afraid. On the rear TV panel, (aside from a single HDMI) there's 3 X scarts and a couple of RCA PIN type audio in/outputs.

On the front there's RCA PIN video and a mini DIN 4 pin S-Video.

Like I say. old.


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You'd be restricted to just 2 channel analogue audio from your TV then. Tgis is if the analogue ports you've mentioned are even outputs as opposed to hyst being inputs?

I'm rather surprised that a 4K TV doesn't include optical audio output and still has SCART sockets?


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Maybe this would be of interest:
Amazon product

This would allow you to passthrough the HDMI video signal to the display while extracting SD 5.1 audio for output via S/PDIF optical to the E800. The extractor is fully 4K HDCP 2.2 cpmpliant.

It is worth pointing out that you'd only get multichannel 5.1 if the TV itself supports it because the TV's EDID is used to determine what the Firestick will output via HDMI. If the TV is as dated as you suggest then it is doubtful that the TV will support 5.1 audio?


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Cheers for that.

I'm not looking for 5.1 at the moment. Just a nice meaty stereo image.

The TV is old with 3 X scarts not a 4k. (I only bought a 4k firestick to be a bit more future proof.


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The more I think about it the more convinced I am that I will be frequenting the 'Which TV Is Right For You' section of the forum over the next few weeks.

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