Connecting a Yamaha 757SE & Panasonic 50PZ70


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I've just ordered a Panasonic 50PZ70 plasma and plan on using it with my existing AV amp, the Yamaha 757SE.

The sources I'll be using at the moment are a PC/Laptop, XBox 360 Elite and a PS2. We'll more than likely use the onboard freeview rather than the digibox we have at the moment.

Everything I have now goes through the amp, but what would be the best method of connecting them all up to the new TV? Getting a component cable to put between the amp > TV?


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I don't think you will get any advantages by connecting the video through the amp, you might as well connect the devices direct to the TV for video, then devices to amp for sound.

To get the sound from the digital tuner in the TV to the amp you will need to connect a RCA phono type connectors (L, R) from rear of TV to the amp.

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