Connecting a VHS Video recorder to SonyPC105


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Hi All,

I want to convert some of my old videos onto my Sony PC105E DV Cam.

I thought it said that this was possible, at the moment I have only found Video out not Analogue Video in :(

Anyone know if this is possible?

Thanks for the help,



I've just had a look at the PC105 on the Sony web site and it is listed as DV in/out & analogue in. Therefore it is possible to connect your VCR to the cam to record from VHS to DV.

On my Sony cam the analogue inputs and outputs are the same physical connections. You will either set them to input by just pressing record or by a setting in a menu. RTFM! :devil:



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Thanks for the reply :) I already new that the Cam was supposed to be Video in (One of the reasons for buying it), but when you look in the Index it does not mention it.

The only diagram I could find in the Manual was one showing the Signal direction as 'Out' only :(

I am also using a proper Scart connector with all the pins connected and a Video in/out switch on it, so that I know the signal should be coming out :) and I am plugging the Supplied CamCorder Phono's into that.

Then I thought it was time to post...

I will check the 'pressing the record' button, when I have it connected to the Video Player.

And will also check the manual again tonight :(

--Roger (Who wishes he had bought a PC330 now :( 1megapix CCD for Video is not clear enough :(


With your camcorder connected to your VCR set the VCR playing and you should see your video in the camcorder LCD screen - thats the first step.

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