Connecting a TV to an AV receiver


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Hi guys, :hiya:

After spending the last several hours setting up (or trying to) my new receiver I am having problems still.

I can't figure out how to connect my tv to my denon avr-3802. In the manual it says that I can do this via component, but my tv doesnt have a component out :(

I need to do this so I can bring up my receiver's on-screen display so I can set it up properly. Any help would be absolutely fantastic.

Many thanks! :smashin:


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Isn't there a composite output that you can use ? (btw the osd is not necessary to set up).


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I don't really understand what the manual is trying to tell me as there is a lot of terminology that quite frankly i'm new to.

No composite mate :(

On the back I have 2 rgb scart inputs, 1 scart input, 3 optical inputs (2 toslinks, 1 coaxial) I have a 3rd AV input on the front, but its under a flip-down panel, it has an s-video on there, but like i said its under a flip-down panel, so i presume its for camcorders etc.

How else would i bring up my receivers OSD then mate? :(

Cheers for you help, and forgiving my ignorance! :smashin:


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For setup you should be able to output from the receiver to the TV by component, s-video or composite if it's anything like my AV.

Under the tv front flap do you have 3 phono connections? Otherwise do you have either an s-video/s-video or a Scart/phono lead.

You may be able to setup via the front panel but it is usually easier via OSD.

Just remember to cycle through the AV1/AV2/AV3 settings on the TV to find the OSD output.



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Do you have an s-video lead? If you do, connect it to the s-video output of the receiver (you will have several s-video sockets on the rear of the receiver, but the one you are looking for will be under the heading "monitor").

Connect the other end of the s-video cable to the s-video socket on the front of your tv (the front inputs are for quick connection of cameras, video games etc, but they can be used with any video source). Cycle through the tv's inputs until you have selected the front s-video input, and then activate the "on screen display" of the receiver. You should now find the receivers set up menu on your tv screen.

This is all a bit temporary, as cables going into the front of your tv look really ugly. Your best bet is to get a s-video to scart lead, and then you can connect the receiver to an s-video capable scart on the rear of the tv, and leave it permanently connected.



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[edit]Fatbob answered[/edit]


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Cheers for the help chaps!

Seems a bit of a stress getting a flaming cable just to see the receivers OSD, but oh well! :smashin:

AV companies take you for every penny you have don't they :laugh:


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Hi Games Guru,

If all you want is a video connection to see ther receivers OSD, then you can get away with using any phono lead if you find you haven't got an s-video cable.

The instructions in my earlier post still apply, the only difference is that you will be connecting the phono (composite) socket marked "monitor" on the receiver, to the composite video input on the front of the tv (usually a yellow phono input).

The quality will be much worse than that offered by s-video or component, but for a makeshift connection that will let you set up your receiver, it should do the job.


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