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Connecting a subwoofer

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by Dolbyz, May 25, 2005.

  1. Dolbyz


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    I have a small active Velodyne subwoofer. At the moment is connected the 'right' way : through the dedicated LFE (SUBWOOFER) plug on the back of the reciever. The main speakers are set to LARGE (my mains go to 40hz)and the subwoofer setting in ON (I've got a fized cross over at 80hz).

    However, I want to if this sound will be the same if, or better, connecting this way : connect the sub to the speaker outs of the amp, and then the speakers themselves to the sub. I'd then turn the subwoofer OFF and speakers to LARGE. MY reasoning for this?

    1) I recently got an SACD player with poor bass management. This means nothing is coming through my sub currently, and the music sounds thin. I'm hoping with the new way, I'll get full range through my mains (and therefore my sub).

    2) I read somewhere that having 2 crossovers (in the amp limiting to 80hz, then the variable on the sub) is not as good as one.

    I understand I'd lose the dedicated .1 channel on movies - but surely it wouldn't make a difference because the sub is still there?

    Please help!

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