Connecting a Subwoofer using speaker wire?


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Hi all,

My cinema room has high quality speaker wire installed at several locations, all feeding into a single location where the AVR is (we are running 7.1.4, but we have some extra speaker wires installed in other locations in case we want to move/add speakers/subs).

AVR: Marantz SR7012
Subwoofer: Kef Kube 10b

The subwoofer sits below the projector, where we have a speaker wire available. How can I connect this sub to my AVR when both the AVR and sub use RCA? Am I able to use a speaker wire to RCA connector on both ends, essentially turning the speaker wire into an RCA cable?

Any help would be massively appreciated!



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Something like this will do the job....

MOBOREST RCA Cable Audio Adapter, Phono RCA Male Plug: Electronics

BEWARE of wire strands shorting out though. Also, because you are using un-shielded wire, you may find that hum is picked up by the cables and passed through to the sub.

Hey John,

Thanks for sharing. I have these adaptors (I ebayed speaker wire to RCA and took a punt on these) but they feel super cheap! Also, I tried feeding my speaker cable into the holes but they are far too small so I haven't actually used them. Is there a more premium option?

With regards to the humming - I guess I will find out when I get it working! But thank you for the heads up!



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Well, if you're OK with soldering, just get some standard RCA plugs and solder them on. If you get metal ones, you might want to sleeve over them with some heat-shrink, in case they short out on anything.

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