Connecting a Subwoofer to the Samsung 46D8000


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Hi, been ages since I've posted. I have a samsung 46D8000 since the late summer and have been very happy with. I would like to connect a subwoofer to the TV. I don't have AV receiver in this set-up, nor am I interested in getting a sound bar. I would like to find out whether any of the existing outputs on the TV could double as an phone output to a subwoofer. I am interested in the YAMAHA YSTFSW050 and whether this unit could be connect directly to the TV. I have JVC Mini Hi-Fi system that I picked up from Hong Kong a couple of years ago which is connected to the TV via the SDIF Digital input on the Mini Hi-Fi. This offer great sound, but lacks the bass and depth I am after. I've checked and it doesn't have a dedicated subwoofer output. Any ideas would be grateful appreciated. :)
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