Connecting a Sky box to an AV amp.



Could anyone tell me which is the besy way to connect my Sky box up to my Pioneer 2014i AV amp.
Would I have to use a scart to S-video connector, or is there anyway I could use the component connector on the AV amp?
Sky boxes do not output s-video on their scart sockets. The only way to get s-video is to go Sky+

To get component, you would need an RGB to component converter, and they're not cheap (at least, the ones that work are) :)
I have a bog standard Amstrad Sky decoder which has audio output (phono). If I connected those outputs to a Yamaha DSP AX 757SE, (DTV/CBL inputs), is this going to provide a stereo signal that at least can be processed as ProLogic Surround Sound. I am using a coax output from the Philips DVD-R to the Digital input on the Yamaha. to provide the 5.1 signal. :confused:

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