Connecting a PS2 to a Denon AVR-X2600H


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I recently purchased a PS2 console and with it finally arriving today I was really excited to get it hooked up.

I connected it up to my Denon AVR using the included composite connections, but cannot get any video to come through at all, all I get is the 'DENON' logo on screen, but do hear sound fine. I have made sure all of the inputs are assigned correctly.

I was concerned it was the PS2 or cable but I connected it up to an older plasma TV directly and it all worked completely fine.

Can anyone tell me why it isn't working? I currently have the AVR connected to my LG B9 via HDMI, is this the reason for no video? (Do I need to have a composite video OUT going to the TV as well?) Sorry if this is really obvious, as this is the first time I've made use of any composite or component cables in a long time.

If the latter is true, I've noticed my B9 has no component or composite connection, so I've no idea how I'd be able to get this to work (other than using one of the HDMI PS2 converters which I read weren't all that good).

I've actually already ordered a PS2 component cable as I'd read these will give a much better picture than composite but by the looks of things I'll have the same problem through the AVR.


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The X2600 has no analogue to HDMI conversion capabilities so if the video source is analogue then ypu'd need to make an analogue video output connection from the AV receiver to the dosplay in order to convey the associated analogue video to the display.

by default 2021-08-12 at 14.48.51.png


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Thanks for confirming.
Thought as much, so given the B9 lacks component or composite I’ve caved and gone for what seems the only option at this point - an RCA to HDMI converter.

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