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Connecting a Pioneer 575 to a Panny PW6?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Moo242, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. Moo242


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    Currently got the above DVD player (along with some Mark Grant component cable) and was thinking about the PW6.

    If I was making a shopping list of any extra bits (leads, converters etc) to buy to get the very best PQ (progressive or otherwise), what should I have on it?

    Please bear in mind, I'm a bit plasma-tech' ignorant at the moment, so be gentle :blush: . Also, I'm only really concerned with the ultimate DVD connection (it will have a skybox in there but thats only so the missus can watch wife swap :rolleyes: )

    Finally, this seems like a very good price (am I missing something?)


    Cheers guys :smashin:
  2. MAW


    Jan 24, 2002
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    Nr Dorking
    It's a blinding price, apart from the fact stock is due 'mid august' so don't hold your breath. Likely this does not include any video boards, nor a wall mount. Connecting the DVD is easy, the sky box a bit less so, you've got some decisions to make. Do you have a sound system, if so what amp? does it switch component video? You could connect both to the screen via a component switching amp with no video board, just a 3-phono to 15pin sub-D cable and a JS RGB to YUV converter for sky. Excellent picture for both too. Check that panny price when you've added the bits you need, see if you might prefer a scart board for the screen to make sky easy to connect without an AV amp, or for better picture there are other ways too.(scart input looks a bit soft on the panasonic). With a wall mount, some cables and accessories and a video board, you might well find a better deal close to this spot.

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