Connecting a Panasonic Soundbar to a Panasonic TV


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I have a Panasonic TX-40FS503B and I'm looking to improve the sound by the addition of a Panasonic soundbar.

Ideally, once set up, I would like the volume of the bar to be operated by the TV remote control and understand the need for connection by HDMI ARC.

At the moment I have a Panasonic BWT850 Blue Ray HDD recorder and a Panasonic HW130 HDD recorder and both are connected to the TV using the only two HDMI sockets fitted. Clearly the sound bar should be connected by HDMI to one of the two existing sockets, being the ARC one, which is in use.

I have been advised that I should be considering the purchase of a sound bar which has both an input and an output HDMI socket and that I should connect the Blue Ray player to the input on the bar and then connect the output from the bar to the TV ARC socket.

I have found several Panasonic bars which have this facility but need some advice on how the set up would work, in particular;

1. Would the sound bar only be in use for audio coming from the Blue Ray player when in use?
2. If I was using the HDD recorder rather than the Blue Ray player would the sound play back through the sound bar?
3. If I was just using the TV would the sound be played through the sound bar with neither device switched on?
4. Would all or any of the remote controls for the TV and the recorders operate the volume?
5. Can you see any potential issues with the set up or suggest alternatives?

Sorry it's so long but having visited my local dealer I am thoroughly confused.

Many thanks.


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I am now wondering if it would be better to get an HDMI switcher to connect both recorders to one HDMI on the TV and connect the sound bar to the other HDMI (ARC) socket on the TV.

This would give me a wider choice of sound bars not requiring both in and an out HDMI sockets.


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Me again!

I've bitten the bullet and ordered a Panasonic Sound Bar and HDMI automatic switcher.

I'll update this post if anything worth reporting happens.


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Well I installed everything and it all seems to work quite well.

I ended up getting a Panasonic SC-HTB258EBK sound bar, which although quite small, works surprisingly well. It was easily set up and talks nicely to my Panasonic TV and Recorders.

To connect the devices and sound bar to my TV I bought a Fosmon 3 Port Automatic HDMI switch.

The switch is guaranteed to improve my health as it won't work automatically and needs a 4 metre walk over to the TV to change devices and a 4 metre walk back.

Hey ho!



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Me, yet again!!

Just thought I would update this as it may help somebody considering a similar operation.

Every thing was working exactly as it should until I was in the position where TV recordings were being made on both recording devices. I was watching live TV at the time but decided to watch a DVD instead. I could not open the DVD drawer or even select Disc from the remote control. Nothing would convince the DVD player on the BWT850 to work until the recordings ceased.

I don't really know why this happened but it might have been something to do with both recording devices being connected via the HDMI switch to the same socket on the TV. The other one was in use by the sound bar. Maybe it was just an operation too much!

I ditched the HDMI switch and connected each recorder to its own HDMI socket on the TV. I then connected the sound bar to the TV via an optical digital audio cable. Now, when I try playing a DVD with programs being recorded on both recorders at once, it works perfectly.

Clearly it was something to do with HDMI connections and the only down side now is that I have to control the sound bar independently with its own remote control.

Why couldn't Panasonic have put three HDMI sockets on the TV like the Sony that preceded it?


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Not much help I know but that particular Panasonic TV model is not manufactured by Panasonic and is considered to be at the budget end of the range…hence the lack of another HDMI input.


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I must confess that when I bought it I never gave a seond thought to how many HDMI sockets it had - hey ho.

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