connecting a NTL pace box to a plasma and DVD recorder



hey.if i want to use my panasonic dmrex85 to record something of my ntl pace box, how should i wire it and what wires should i use.I also have a th50px60, i am going to wire that to my DVD RECORDER THROUGH A HDMI cable.

Peter Litler

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Connect a fully wired SCART lead from the AV2 SCART socket on the DMR-EX85, to the TV SCART socket on the ntl box.
Check that the ntl box is set to RGB Output in the Display Settings menu, and that the DMR-EX85 AV2 Input is set to RGB in the Setup > Connection menu.

If you also want to connect up the DMR-EX85 SCART output, as well as HDMI, then check that the AV1 Output is also set to RGB.
You will then be able to record and playback to your TV using RGB, for the best obtainable quality.

Unfortunately, ntl boxes are not enabled to activate the External Link auto-recording feature of the DMR-EX85.
Neither do ntl intend to activate this box function in the future.
So all ntl box recordings must be manually programmed with the DVD recorder's timer.
You can make use of the Reminder function on the ntl box for changing channels, if making recordings in succession.

You could also feed another RGB input through to the DVD Recorder, by connecting to the VCR SCART socket on the ntl box.
It will pass the RGB signal through to it's TV SCART output, whenever it detects a signal present on the VCR SCART.


is the RGB the best possible connection to use connecting it up, because i cant use HDMI, because the NTL box doesnt surport it, what about that better.Well scart lead i mean,is that the best way to go

Peter Litler

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The Component Output will provide a similar picture quality to RGB via SCART.
With this type of equipment, the RGB signal is initially converted from a digital Component signal.
It therefore lacks the maximum quality that a full-bandwidth originated RGB signal can provide.

You will need to obtain a Component lead for the Y Pb Pr phono output sockets.

Component Video Output is switched on automatically if the recorder is connected via HDMI.
Otherwise, ensure that AV1 SCART output is set to Video (with component) or S-Video (with component) in the Connection menu.

If your TV supports progressive scan on it's Component Input, then the picture will benefit further from turning this on, also in the DVD recorder's Setup>Connection>Progressive menu options.

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