connecting a line doubler/scaler to projector


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hi there, i have a zinewell britewiew scaler/line doubler and had it connected to a ben q pj. i could only get a picture to the pj by rgb. when i set it to ypbpr i cant get any picture.i was using a vga lead. i have now bought a hitachi pj and am gonna upgrade my lead. because the zinewell is a line doubler , can i have my dvd player (pioneer dv575a) output set at progressive .am i better going for a vga to component fron the zinewell or sticking with a better vga lead.also should i run it through my amp(denon 1906)any help would be much appreciated as i have been trying different setting for a while and would like your advice on the best way to connect these devices.any favourite leads?need 10m. cheers:thumbsup:

Stuart Gray

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I think connecting via vga is rgb only. If you want to use YPbPr (componant) then use YPbPr on the scaler to YPbPr on the pj. Hope this helps.

Cheers, Stuart


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I use RGB out of my Xbox via a 10meter audio cable (very thick and good quality) to the transcoder mounted with the crt projector and then via VGA to 5BNC into my old Sony. Works great for me:)

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