connecting a Hitachi PMD5000 to a Pan SCST1



Hi Folks,

Me again, needing help!

Ok so i've got(will be picking up tmrw or weekend) the 42PMD5000 Hitachi beast and the Panasonic SCST1 dvd all in one system. I've also got Sky TV.

What is the best way to connect all these up givin the following criteria:

1)need to use the SCST1 for everyhting ie DVD, CD, TV(sky) etc as i have no other speakers
2)would ideally like best sound to be on CD/DVD
3)best picture on DVD

As far as I know the 5000 has one scart input and some other stuff I'm not to sure about. The SCST1 has the following spec:

DVD-Audio Compatibility
Dolby Digital Decoder
DTS Decoder
Dolby Pro Logic Surround
FM/AM Digital Synthesizer Tuner
Audio Inputs
Cinema Mode
Dialogue Enhancer
Video D/A Converter 54MHz/10-bit
Subwoofer Control 4-step level control accessible via remote control
Remote Control Universal
Component Video Out
Multi-Channel Sound Field
Sound Field Control (SFC)
Compatible Media Formats DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DVD-RAM/DVD-R 4 , CD, CD-R/RW 5 , Video CD, JPEG, MP3, WMA
Progressive Scanning
Super Surround Sound


Thanks again!

You should use Component video leads into AV1 or AV2 on the 5000, they should be 75 Ohm cables with phono plugs on the end - you need 3, one for the each of the component video signals. These should be red, green and blue plug on your DVD player, marked Y, Pb and Pr. You might also need to enable Component video output and progressive scanning on the DVD player's menu.

Sky goes into the Scart socket (AV4) and you need a pair of audio leads, again with phono plugs either from the audio out on the Sky box, or from the audio out sockets on the plasma, to the audio in on the SCST1. Set the Sky box to output RGB in the settings screen.

If you have a VCR connect it by SCART to the second socket on the Sky box. If you connect the audio out on the plasma to the audio in on the SCST1, then the audio for whatever is showing on the screen will be routed to the amplifier.
nice one! thanks. need to print this out now and take it home!



Let us know what you think as that's the exact same combination I've been looking at. Just waiting for the funds.

Did you get these from RS? If so, how much did it all cost (of that's not too rude)? On RS website the SCST1 is £499 but last time I looked at their brochure it was £599.


just picked up the PD5000, it was 2,500 quid, the SCST1 was 499 and the wall bracket was 99pounds. Got an S35 DVD player thrown in for 40 quid too.

Away home to turn the beasts on!!


PS The plasma comes in a totally massive box, didnt fit in ma car so had to borrow ma mates people carrier.

Wont have all the stuff plugged in properly til after 1st of March when I move house. Let u know what its like though.


Any news on how your set-up worked? Be reallly interested as hope to have saved up enough money in the next couple of weeks, and been a bit concerned with some of the negative comments about the Hitachi.
It's superb! I've got the svideo going from DVD to plasma and the scart connection for the sattelite. Sometimes i get a funny sort of ghosting (not the burn variety) when watching sattellite. With DVD though it's superb and i dont get this. Well worth the cash. THe SCST1 looks the businees sitting beside it. Nice sound too, although I havent really had a chance to see what all the buttons do yet. Infact same for the plasma. I've got it set up in standard mode and havent adjusted anything yet. apparantly for optimum picture adjustments should be made.


Thanks for that Jamster, just a thought, but have you tried using component output from SCST1 to plasma, should give a better picture than S-Video. All the reviews I've read on the SCST1 do note improvements in picture quality with this output.

Glad you're pleased with your set-up, hopefully have mine soon.

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