Connecting a German HDD recorder to a UK TV



I hope this is roughly in the right category...!

I've just installed a satellite dish to watch German telly while living in the UK and am wondering about wiring in a HDD recorder.

I have previously imported an ageing Toshiba TV bought in Germany, which provided a picture without sound. I now gather that's because the sound separation differs between both countries and the PAL standard used is different (PAL-I in the UK with NICAM, PAL-B/G in Germany with FM-FM?).

I'm quite keen on some HDD recorder models which are either not available at all or more expensive in the UK, and am considering to buy one in Germany. Although this is the reverse of the above situation: will I, once again, lack sound when I plug the HDD-R into the telly? :rolleyes:

My current TV is a UK-bought Toshiba with RF and scart (RGB or composite? - don't know - can one tell just by looking??) sockets. I presume the RF socket will cause the same problem as it's a modulated signal but would a scart connection be OK? The third option would be to use the RCA output from the HDD-R and buy a new telly that has the right sockets, but for now my old box seems good enough so I'd try to avoid this if possible.

Thanks for your help everyone.

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