connecting a 3rd sky tv digibox/line feed

Can anybody provide some helpful advice please.
I've just had sky+ installed in my living room with a multiroom option connected in my bedroom.So far so good.However
I'd now like to get sky on a tv for my grandad who lives in the annexe below.
What's the easiest way to do this ??
I've noticed there is a spare outlet on the satellite,can i therefore run a line from this straight to my old grundig receiver and then onto his tv ??
do i have to run a line from my decoder in the bedroom straight to his tv ??
Any advice appreciated and as i'm clueless can you please let me know the exact terminology (coax etc) for the stuff i need if it can be done.
many thanks


It depends on whether or not your grandad wants to watch the same channel as the one that is on in your bedroom, or something totally different. If there is going to be no clash with what you are watching, you can run a feed from RF2 on the back of your bedroom box directly to his TV. You can use standard co-ax cable, but digital cable is of better quality. Ordinary RF aerial connections are used. If Grandad wants to watch something different to you however it means that you will need to run a feed from the dish to a seperate box in his room. Without a card this will only give him a very limited choice of channels eg no ITV,Ch4 or 5. You can get a freeview card from Sky and this will increase the number of channels he gets, but to get the full pack his box will have to be on a mirror subscription to the others in the house, and this of course means his box will have to be connected to the same phone line as the other boxes.

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