Connecting a 2004 DVD player to a 2016 TV


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I'm in need of some help please folks...

I've just bought a new Panasonic TX-40DX700B, after finally deciding it was time to upgrade from an old 2006 26-inch Goodmans LCD TV. I have an old Pioneer DV-575A DVD player which I'm trying to connect to the Panny via component video (it's the only interface that the two devices have in common). However, the DVD video signal only displays in black and white.

I know this is usually caused by mixing up component with composite, but I've triple checked and the Y/PB/PR leads are connected to the right red/blue/green sockets at both ends. The DVD player has three video output options - RGB Scart, S-Video, and Video - tried all three, nowt outputs in colour. DVD output signal is set to interlaced, as progressive just screws up the signal completely.

But here's the kicker - the exact same component leads do display a colour signal when connected to the component inputs on the old Goodmans telly, so it's not the leads or the DVD settings at fault. The Panasonic TV doesn't seem to have any input options for its component inputs.

Any ideas? And no, I'd rather not upgrade to a player with HDMI yet, as I'm a tight git and shelling out for the telly has already exercised my wallet enough for the moment.

Thank you...


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This should be a case of when selecting the input AV3 then pressing right to highlight Component.

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