Connecting 360 and PC+Surround Sound Speakers

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I have a 'standard' Dell PC, TFT and speakers (with sub woofer). I understand that I can connect my 360 up to play on the TFT however I was wondering whether its possible to connect up my 360 so that it will play through the speakers and sub woofer via the PC?




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Depends what audio inputs your PC has.

If it has an analog line in (which most do - as a stereo mini jack) then get a convertor for the red/white stereo RCA audio outs on the vid cable to 2.5mm stereo mini jack.

If it has a digital in, usualy using a minijack socket, use a toslink optical to optical minijack thing (sorry dont know the specific name).

or you could use the stereo pair direct to the speakers with a convertor cable and splitter (for the PC).

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