Connecting 3 things to 1 scart


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Hi all

A friend called me today with a problem and I thought I'd post here to see if anyone can help her out.

She has a TV with only 1 scart - she needs to connect a freeview box, VCR and a hifi which plays DVDs.

I believe she bought one of these:

However, she tells me that the only thing she can get to work is the freeview box.

She has plugged each item into the TV separately and they all work via the single scart, but when they are all attached to the box, freeview is the only one viewable.

Any ideas ?

Thank you

Mr Incredible

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(1) If connecting just either the VCR or HiFi - DVD to the Scart switch, does the picture work on the TV?

(2) Does the Freeviw box have one or two scart sockets?

(3) What output does each of the units have via their Scart outputs? RGB, composite, S-Video? What are they set to?

(4) What input is the TV set to on the Scart? RGB, composite or S-Video?


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I'm afraid I can't answer any of these questions - and I know it's pointless me asking my friend.

She has only just moved out of town into the middle of nowhere so I can't even go and look at it for her :(

Mr Incredible

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Is the equipment able to daisy chain from one to another? If they are, take the Scart switch back and just connect each unit to one another.

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