Connecting 2014 Panasonic Integrated 5.1 amp /BRD player with new Sony TV


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Just got new TV OK previous TV was not arc so connected amp/BRD to Cable box by optical. and then HDMI out to TV , So just switched amp on and off as required but only valid for input from cable box. Whilst I had access to Netflix etc. via Firestick I was not too concerned then about feeding sound from these sources I would like to get things set up properly with the new TV.

So TV has 4 HDMI with one labelled earc. Amp/BRD has 2 HDMI in and one HDMI out( labelled arc).

So as I see it I connect HDMI earc from TV to Amp/BRD HDMI in but then connect amp/BRD HDMI arc out to non arc HDMI on TV for BRD playback.

Problem is I only like to use 5.1 system with movies or similar and do not want second button push to revert to TV speakers when watching news, Quiz programmes etc. but happy to connect to 5.1 when we decide to watch a movie from Netflix, Prime, sky movies etc?

Mods not sure if I am posting in right subforum if not then please move but not to TV forums as the problem is not with the set up of a particular TV but with this type of integrated BRD/Amp
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