Connecting 2 TVs in Separate Rooms


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Hi guys,
I have my main TV in my living room and I would like to be able to view other programs in a second TV in the bedroom. I do not want to run cables between the rooms using an aerial signal splitter and cabling.
Is there any methods/ways of doing this electronically please?
I envisage a "box" of some description which plugs into my wall socket TV aerial socket in the living room and the the TV in the bedroom can use the signals coming from that to select programs etc, independently from whatever is being watched in the living room?
I feel there must be some set-top box available but I am unable to find one - perhaps I am using the wrong search words.
Any help would be most appreciated.
Thank you very much


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Well it's certainly not a "forum feedback" matter so I need to move this. I'm not sure if it's a cabling thing, but let's try there first.....

Moving >>>


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Are you just talking about terrestrial tv? Assuming that your aerial cable comes into the loft before dropping to the sitting room, why not just split the coax in the loft and drop a coax to the bedroom?

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