Connected an Xbox 360 to a HD Monitor?


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I have just bought a Dell ST2410 HD monitor and along with connecting the PC to it I would also like to connect the monitor to my XBox 360.

My monitor has VGA, DVI and HDMI outputs how would I connect the Xbox 360 to the monitor? My Xbox 360 does not have a HDMI port, at the moment it is connected to my HDTV via component.

Also with regard to audio is there a way I can get sound to come through my 2.1 surround speakers that are connected to the PC?

Sorry for all the questions but Im really confused at the moment, and would appreciate some advice.




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Will the cable you mentioned in the above link show the Xbox in HD as the monitor is Full HD? the same as my component cable does at the moment connected to my HDTV.

With the sound how will this work would I have to unplug the PC from the speakers and then plug in the xbox speaker cable when I play the xbox or is there a cleverer way of doing this?


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Thanks for that.

What about the picture quality, will it be HD with that cable or will it be standard def?


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Hello :)

You should use a VGA cable (I recommend the official one, there's difference of qualities between 3rd party cables and the microsoft one) as someone stated, and you can actually set the definition to 720p.

As for the audio you have two choices (I alternate between them depending on the situation):

  • The first one is the one someone already commented in this thread, plug your VGA cable sound port directly into the LINE IN input at the back of your computer (usually painted as blue). This way you'll get the sound through your computer, which means if the computer isn't on you won't hear anything, but it also means you'll get and control both sounds coming out from the computer (computer and Xbox), useful if you're using both.
  • The second option is to buy an extra adaptor (it's really really cheap) Jack 3.5 female/female which you'd connect to the sound ending of your VGA cable, and then that'd be connected directly to your speakers, earphones, whatever... allowing you to get sound even with your computer off. The annoying part is that if you want to use the computer's speakers you'll have to keep on switching them.

Good luck and have fun :) by the way the adaptor looks about the picture below


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