Connect Xbox 360 to VGA & S-Video simutaneously?


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New member - my first post on the forums!
I wonder if somebody could help me? I've scanned the existing threads but can't find my question addressed . . .

. . . is there any way to connect the Xbox 360 to both S-Video and VGA outputs at the same time?
I want to be able to connect to my monitor via VGA and my projector via S-Video, but I don't want to keep having to switch cables to select one or the other. What I need is a cable that terminates in both VGA & S-Video plugs (plus audio connections including optical). Does such a cable exist?
Many thanks !

Indiana Jones

The only way I can think off to get this would be a switcher box which has VGA input and VGA output along with s-video output but whether it will allow you to send more than one output at a time I dont know.


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Hi Indiana,
Thanks. This could be the answer - I don't need the monitor and projector to be active at the same time, I just don't want the hassle of two separate cables. I'll look around for a switch box.


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I'd guess that it isn't possible, just a guess though, due to the resolution of the s video and vga output being different. I'm no expert though.

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