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Hi. I have a pair of unpowered speakers that are wired into an old stereo system with bare wire pinch plugs. My question is, is there something I can get that will allow me to dump the old stereo, but keep the speakers so that I can play music wirelessly from the iPad? I've done a bit of looking around, but can anyone confirm if I've got this right please?

I reckon to the following: buy some banana plugs to convert the bare wire to plugs and buy something like this Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver, Bluetooth Adapter for PC/Mac/Smartphone/Tablet/AV Receiver, 3.5mm Audio and RCA Outputs to Speakers, One-Push Pairing Button, UK Plug - Black/Blue

and plug the banana plugs into it and then use that to connect to my ipad wirelessly so the music plays on the old speakers. Have i got that right? I don't need an audiophile solution, just something basic that just works. The Logitech thing has two sockets for I need something with four sockets...two for each speaker or can I wire the respective positive and negative wires from both speakers together into one banana plug of each polarity?

Any advice appreciated! Many thanks :)


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As @natty says, you need some sort of amplifier in the circuit, the Logitech is only a transmitter/receiver of music data

If you want to spend a bit more SMSL and Topping do relatively cheap amps with Bluetooth built in to connect your phone/iPad plus line input if you want to use a wire. Here’s examples. But if budget is tight and you are happy with wires then @natty suggestion will get you going.

Amazon product

Amazon product

Comparison video.


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