Connect two DTR to my TV


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Phew...feel like I have just ran a marathon to simply post this question so as you probably realise I really need a simple idiot guide answer!

I have a Thompson DTR which I am still subscribed to for Top Up TV until March and today I received my BT Vision box - can I connect both of these to my TV as I begrudge paying for something I can't use!?! Please do not use terms like "daisy chain aerial" without explaining what that means!

Thank you so much in advance for any advice you can give (please don't just tell me to give up - if it's explained to me I can usually get it working!!)


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Just connect each to it's own scart connector on the TV. You choose which to watch by simply switching scart inputs with the TV remote


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as long as your tv signal is good enough there shouldn't be a problem.
Connect the aerial to the input of the vision box
go from the output of the vision box to the input of the top up box
next (optional if you have analogue tv still or a freeview tv)
connect the output from the top up box to the aerial in on the tv
connect a scart from the vision box to av1/ext on your tv
connect a scart from your top up box to av2/ex2 on your tv
using your tv remote select av1/ex1 for vision and select av2/ex2 for top up

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using your tv remote select av1/ex1 for vision and select av2/ex2 for top up

In most case you won't even need to do that as each device should have SCART control. So if you switch on your TV and then 1 of the boxes you should get picture from that box on TV screen automatically without pressing any buttons on TV's remote. I have to admit that there are some cases where this doesn't work for whatever reason then, as explained above, you would use TV's remote to select required AV input.

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