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I have a Harsper HP-4200M Plasma, and I want to be able to use the scart RGB ouput from my Sky+ box. Unfortunately the scart on the plasma does not take RGB, I have also tried a Syncblaster cable and that also would not work with my Plasma.
Any ideas?



The plasma will accept RGB but only on the 15pin D-SUB for connection to a PC, and on the component DTV YPbPr for connection of a DVD/HDTV.
As already mentioned I have tried a syncblaster cable to the 15pin D-SUB, but the horizontal frequency on the plasma is too high.



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yeah a syncblaster won't work - that RGB is really just VGA, not RGsB which is what you get down a SCART lead. The syncblaster adds horiz sync but can't match the frequency as you found.

I'm astonished any TV built in the last 15 years, let alone a plasma, would not have RGB on SCART. But, erm, it's "one of those" Korean jobs I think?

The Sky+ box gives a pretty good s-video signal, that's probably your best bet unless you want spend serious money.

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