Connect SW Out on Oppo Bluray directly to Sub?


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Forgive me if this is a silly question. I have spent some time trawling the web for an answer but cannot find one.

Can I connect my subwoofer directly to my Bluray play via the low level RCA connector, thereby by-passing my receiver?

I have an Oppo BDP83 SE, a denon avr 3802 and a recently purchased, and brilliant BK XLS 200. I want to use the high level connection for stereo, and low level for multichannel sources, without having to switch anything on the Amp. I think this for multichannel would result in the sub receiving a simultaneous high and low signal, but the oppo should have done the necessary bass management to avoid this being two helpings of the same bass.

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No you can't: The sub out from the Oppo will not have any volume control so as you turn your amp up or down the sub level will remain at the same (loud) level.

If you are using Stereo Direct mode on the amp for stereo, you should able to set this up to be full range (ie Large) speakers: The bass will be sent to your speakers, which will be produced by the sub via the high level (and your main speakers will produce whatever bass they can). If you set up your multichannel setup to use 'small' front speakers then the sub line level signal will be sent to the sub for the LFE and any bass below the crossover.

Hope this makes sense and that it helps.

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I have heard this can be done, but with a caveat. The BR player would essentially have to act as the processor for all speakers and run directly to an amp, then sub directly from the oppo. I hear it has a digital volume control which works but isnt ideal. That may be the newer models only though, so not sure if the 83 can do this as well.

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