Connect Sonos to hi-fi separate system?


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Ok, so I've got a Nakamichi hi-fi separate system I bought in 1992 which is currently stored under the stairs in the cupboard and they've been there since 1999.
The speaker cabinets of the Mission 770s I used with the system are scratched all over and chipped.(Basically trashed)

I've got the chance of buying a couple of Sonos Play 1 speakers and 1 X Sonos Play 3 speaker.

Now is there anyway I can connect the 3 speakers to my hifi system wirelessly?
Would I be able to connect all 3 to my amp by using one of these?
Amazon product

I'm just gathering info before I take the plunge as I don't want to really fork out over £200 if it doesn't work.

I appreciate any expert advice.

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Not as a direct replacement for your Mission passive loudspeakers.

If you add a SONOS PORT (or older CONNECT) as a Network streamer to your Nakamichi system you can then add additional SONOS Speakers in other Zones and play the same or different music across the Zones.

If you are not planning to play a video source through the system you could have the PORT connected as a Source to your Nakamichi Amp plus connect a line out from the Amp to the PORT then add the 2x PLAY1 as a Stereo Zone to the SONOS system and replace the Misson speakers with the 2x PLAY 1.

Personally I’d simply replace the Mission speakers with a new set of passive speakers and add a PORT to your Nakamichi Amp if you want to add SONOS music streaming to your system.


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