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Hi guys,

new to this forum and looking for some help please!

i would like to be able to connect my sky digi box to my media centre pc. is it possible to do this using just a cable from the RF out on the digi box into the pc? (like a normal aerial cable)

i have spent some time experimenting and have been able to get sky showing on my pc but only through my dvd creating software (ShowBiz by ArcSoft) which says that it is input on channel 101. (i presume this is a similar code to tuning in a normal tv using 62 for BBC1 etc). however media centre cannot pick up the signal.

i hope i've given enough info here and hope you guys can help!

if i'm going over old ground here, please point me in the right direction.

once again, thanks in advance for your help.


Assuming your PC has a TV/PVR card which accepts an RF in, then yes you should be able to get it into MC. The fact that you can see Sky in your dvd software suggests you have :) Have you gone thro the setup routine in Media Center -> My TV?

For playback in My TV, you need to ensure you have an MPEG software decoder. This isn't installed by Media Center and you need to install your own. There is a util which checks that you have this installed, but I can't recall what it is called. I'm sure someone else will post. Otherwise, search the MS knowledge base which will give you an answer.


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Okay, here's what you need to do:

First of all, see what inputs your TV tuner has. These will probably be one or more of the following:

RF in (like your TV aerial)
composite in (probably a yellow connector)
s-video in (looks like a PS-2 keyboard/mouse connection).

You then need to see what connections your Sky box has. If it's a Grundig, you might be lucky and have an s-video output. If not, you'll need to get a scart - phono/composite converter and connect Sky to your TV card using that yellow connection. Also run the audio from Sky into either the line in on your sound card or the audio in on your TV tuner (if possible use the audio in on the tuner). What cable you use depends on the tuner. If possible, use s-video, it's the best you'll get, if not, use composite, then only if you really have to use the RF connection.

Now, get hold of something called the Decoder Checkup Utility from here:

Now run that and make sure there is a compatible decoder installed in your system (it should say it's compatible). If you don't have one, you need to get one.

You have 3 choices:

Cyberlink Power DVD (v6 I think) (
nVidia Pure DVD decoder (
Intervideo WinDVD (

Install one of those and then run the decoder checkup utility again and ensure the correct decoder is set as preferred.

You'll need to plug one of your IR blasters that came with your remote and receiver into the back of the receiver and stick the emitter onto the Sky box over the IR receiver (you may need a torch to find it)

Now open MCE and go to Settings, Media Centre, then TV Signal I think. Ensure Sky is on and connected. Now get it to automatically check for the signal (worked every time for me). It should quickly say it's found a signal. If it doesn't try searching manually

Now in the next step it should ask what type of signal you're using. Say sattellite (my spelling is shocking!)

It will then ask you a series of questions which you should be able to answer. If you can't, oh dear.....

And that should be it.

You shoudl now be able to change Sky channels using your MCE remote, and MCE should be able to change channels on it's own. If you're having problems, it's worth doing the setup again, I found the first time it didn't recognise my remote....

Also, be aware there is a delay between you saying "channel up" and the picture changing. This is because MCE must sent the signal, such as 103 to change to ITV, then there is a 2 or 3 second buffer so you press channel up, anout 3 or 4 seconds later, the channel will change.

That's all I know :)


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fallwood said:
have you tried the fix I posted , you just need a mono headphone splitter from maplins (99p), then you can plug the rflink and the ir wands into the receiver at the same time, this seems to solve all the problems regarding media center not recognising the rf2link.
Not tried it yet. I know that I've got some of those little splitters around somewhere but to be honest it's been changing channels so reliably recently that I haven't felt the need to muck about. Plus it's a dreadful kludge for something that should just work in the first place!


dunks517 said:
Hi there, I came across this site which may be helpful:

Thanks for the link :D
Just to confirm, I've had confirmation from a few people that this now works well with MCE - the software that integrates it into MCE can be found here:

The lots of info about the controller (including pictures) on

[disclaimer: I am the designer of the controller]


thanks for your help guys,

chuckalicious, followed your instructions and everything worked fine!

i'm going to have a look around these forums, but does anyone know of any general stability problems of MCE when watching TV? it's fine on everything else, but if i need to change channels more than a couple of times, the whole system just freezes?

thanks again!

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