Connect SCART to Line In ?


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I have a Samsung DVD-VR320. It does not have a SCART connection. My TV and Hot Box do have SCART connections.
The Samsung DVD has the following connections:
1. S-Video Out
2. Digital Audio Out (Optical/coaxial)
3. Audio L, R Out
4. Line In (Video/Audio)
5. Line Out
6. Component Video Out
7. Out to TV (cable)
8. Aerial In
The only inputs to the DVD that I see are the Line In, and the Aerial In.
Presently, I have the Hot box connected to the TV with the SCART connections.
I want to connect the systems so I can record the TV from the cable company Hot box.
I would appreciate any suggestions.:confused:


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The best option would be to connect the scart output from the cable box to the line in on the DVD recorder. A scart to RCA/phono adaptor or cable like one of these will allow you to do that:

1.5m Scart to Triple RCA Cable

SCART Adapter

These cables & adaptors are directional, so you need to make sure you get one that is for scart to RCA, not RCA to scart. Some adaptors are switchable so can do either.

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