Connect PS3 to Projector and Home Theater System?


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So I've got a PS3 Slim 320GB model, an LG SR906 5.1 Speaker System Package with AV Receiver and a Mitsubishi HC3800 PJ.

I want to connect the PS3 to my LG SR906 surround sound system and have it playing surround sound while displaying image through HDMI onto my wall from the projector.

How do I do this?


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You should be able to connect your PS3 via HDMi to the LG surround system.

I assume the LG has a HDMI "OUT" which would go to a TV in most cases but you will provide that HDMI to the projector.
Select the appropraite source on the LG for HDMI socket that the PS3 is connected to and Voila!!

Now, I bet your gonna say you already have the LG connected to a TV but want the projector connected as an optional display?
That needs a special kind of HDMI splitter of which I have never used, or quite simply a manual swap over of the HDMI cable.


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But the PS3 only has 1 hdmi input, which goes into the projector to actually see the ps3.

The LG has an 'optical' socket and says 'game in' under it, I assume this is where I put an optical cable from the surround sound system to the ps3, but won't it be low quality since it's not hdmi? Or is this just the sound?


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The PS3 has an HDMI output, not an input. Connect it to the LG system and it will switch between sources inc. its own built in player. You will effectively be using the LG as an HDMI switch. If you have a TV as well as a projector, you will need a 3D compatible HDMI splitter. The cables forum (HDMI cables, switches etc.) is your best bet for one of those. You don't need optical from the PS3, just HDMI.

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