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Connect Phillips DTR220 to Sanyo PLV Z-4


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Hi everyone

Sorry, this is probably a very basic question for omeone (at least I hope it is).

I've borrowed a friend's projector (a Sanyo PLV Z-4) for the world cup. I use a Phillips compact DTR220 Freeview receiver, and would like to connect them together.

The STB only outputs SCART. The projector has HDMI, yellow video, computer and two composite inputs. So there's no simple connection thus far.

My idea.

Get a SCART adaptor (like this one, maybe?).


Yellow video cable runs from adaptor to projector, L and R audio run to a pair of speakers.

Can anyone let me know if this will work?


Chris Frost

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The Composite (yellow) connection will work, but it's the lowest quality connection type. But there is a better way....

The Philips Freeview box has two SCARTs. Each are capable of sending out a Y/C signal (S-Video to you and me). That's the one on the little black round socket. Have look at your projector and the SCART adapter you links - they've both got S-Video sockets too.

S-Video is much better than Composite. As long as your cable distance is no longer than 10 mtrs then this will be a perfect way to watch the footie. Your sound connection is the same as before.


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Thanks for your time Chris - much appreciated. I'll go down the S-Video route.

The final connection I'm going to make is using this running between the adaptor and the line-in on my Hi-Fi.

Picture and sound, sorted. Now just need to get the beers in.
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