connect new Marantz receiver to sony kd-65xh9505


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for the life of me I cannot get my new receiver to function with the tv.
As it stands if I use the sony's youtube I get picture on the TV but no sound
If I use the IPTV box I get nothing except the Marantz picture.

I'm obviously doing something massively wrong but there seems to be no clear guidance I can find..?



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don't worry about the speaker.. I found one of the drivers burnt out> more money :-(

Any assistance most welcome




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oh and as soon as I turn the receiver off the youtube sound comes back via the tv speakers but obviously the IPTV remains off


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So a few things to check...
Can you get the speaker setup screen up on the amplifier and check the speakers are functioning.

Is the hdmi cable plugged into the socket on the tv marked ARC?

Have you selected the right input? This will be tv for inbuilt apps on the tv and hdmi1 / cable for the iptv box. Make sure the audio is set to hdmi, not digital or analogue.

Take things logically and you should be able to work things through.


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Speakers are working (even the faulty one puts out some sound but during the speaker test it became apparent it was faulty) I have some Orb audio ones in my garage so will dig them out .
ok :

but more importantly

seems I had the hdmi in 1 which isn't the arc. switch to 3 (arc) ! Boom. sound from youtube..

still no IPTV
by changing the purple 'fancy' HDMI cable and using the one supplied in the IPTV box plugging it direct into the TV on HDMI 1 I can get the TV to work.
( So I suspect the cable isn't good/compatible.. ?)

However it won't play sound UNLESS I turn off the receiver which auto switches to the TV speakers..

about to try it direct onto the receiver fingers crossed.

so a massive thanks thus far.. :)

and now it's working with IPTV on HDMI 1 .. !!
This stuff gives me nughtmares
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