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I have a Hannspree netbook and wish to connect to my Samsung 50 inch tv to watch films. I want picture and sound. How do i do it ?


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Depends on the connections available on your TV and if your netbook has any video output. Most likely on the netbook will be HDMI or VGA connection.


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netbook is SN10E29B, TV is a Series 4 Samsung 50 inch Plasma - I cannot access the model number. The netbook does not have HDMI but has VGA and USB
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Right, the netbook appears to have no HDMI, only a VGA out. Also the audio out is on the other side of the computer, which means that no convenient all in one cable will be possible.

Your TV should have both a VGA and 3.5mm audio input.

So the cables you need are this for video and this for audio. If you need more than 1.8m you can buy slightly longer cables, but do remember that VGA cables longer than 3m may give you slight ghosting on the picture.

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