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Hope I'm in the right place.

I have just completed building a HTPC which I am now connecting up. Total build is HTPC with Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H mobo, Sony KDL32S3000 TV, Sky+ and a Sony DAV-DZ100 Home Theatre.

I am trying to connect the HTPC to my Sony DAV DZ100. The Sony only has 1 scart and no other AV connections. This is OK as I am able to connect the TV/Sony DAV-DZ100/Sky+ and have full sound through all the speakers.

Under the new build the picture is going from the computer mobo to my Sony KDL32S3000 via HDMI. However I need to get the sound from S/PDIF connection on the mobo to the DAV DZ100. Obviously I can't as there are no connections.

Is there any way, by using a 'splitter' eg, that I can overcome this? Or will I have to fork out for another AV system that has proper connectivity?

Hope somebody out there can help me:thumbsup:


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Connect the front stereo output (the m/b or soundcard have analogue ouputs for each channel (using software to decode)) or headphone socket to a SCART adaptor like this using a 3.5mm to phono cable like these to the VCR SCART on the Sky box as it is bi-directional and can accept audio etc. over it. I wouldn't bother looking at SCART switchers etc. IMHO, that would be just chucking good money after bad. Basically the Sony isn't up to the job, it will never achieve 5.1 etc. from movie downloads etc. from your new HTPC, so I would look at getting a system that can achieve this. I would look at the Sony 890, HT-SF1300, Yamaha AV63 and Denon 1356XP systems as a minimum. All of them should be able to achieve what you want but the proposed connection solution should work.


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Thanks for that. Not sure if I understand completely. I am using onboard graphics and sound. What connection on the mobo do I use to take the cable to the SCARTadaptor?
Do I not need to connect a S/PDIF cable anywhere?
Just thinking. To save costs, am nearly broke after building the HTPC, and as I have a DVD player in the HTPC and all the speakers from the DZ100, can I just get an AV receiver and wire that up?:confused:



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The spdif is a digital signal and would require conversion using a DAC to connect it to the h/c system. This would be pointless and expensive. Basically you need to connect the headphone socket (front speaker - green) to the SCART adaptor using the 3.5mm to phono cable I mentioned in my previous post.

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