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Evening all. I have a 65PUS7354/12 I want to connect an external drive on which will sit movies. Do I need a specific drive? I’ve read I need one with a separate power source as the TV won’t power it through the USB? I know it has to be ntfs or fat32 format. Just wondered if anyone had done this and could recommend a drive that just works as I’ve heard the tv can ge a bit picky. Can I use a flash drive or does it need to be a self powered hdd?

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I think its more about common sense with drives and tv specifications. Idea is simple understand tv USB capabilities and match drive requirements.
So your tv has 2 usb ports. One is USB 2.0 providing 0.5A current and other one USB 3.0(personally don't believe that in terms of speed) 0.9A current.
Any HDD or SSD you buy or have should state its minimum power requirements. See if you can match what you have. HDD are the ones that are problematic due to mechanical operation. SSD's usually consume less power so safe to say that will run just fine from just USB power itself.

Now HDD selection :
1. Buy hdd with power source if you think none usb ports can provide required current.
2. (my preference) Buy powered usb hub. These allow to connect any HDD and additionally other equipment to your tv. Example
Selection of hubs is massive just ensure you have enough output on port. If you think need more then you can use splitter cables to add up more current but doubts will need it.

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