Connect Bose 3-2-1 Series II to new LG TV 2021


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Hello, can someone show me how I do connect my Bose 321 series 2 to my new LG TV 2021 and get a video signal to adjust the settings on my Bose system? My LG TV only has optical (Toslink) and hdmi inputs. Thank you so much. A Amazon link for instance for the needs would be much appreciated. For instance, I have found this converter. But I am not sure it’s the right one and which extra cables I would need.

Also, is there a way to control the volume with my LG remote? I think not, right, I would need hdmi ARC output on the Bose system itself? This is at least what I have read somewhere but I’m not sure again.

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I also found this converter. Again I am really not sure which one I need to get a video signal to my LG TV which only has hdmi input for that. No “old” video inputs.


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So either of those should work, assuming you want to get your Bose to play video on the new TV.

Ideally you should try to find one that deals with Component Video (the Red/Green/Blue connections on the back of the Bose) you'll get better video quality

So you will need 5 inputs, R/G/B for video and Red/White for audio.

However, are you plugging sources into the Bose? And how?

I am not sure the Bose was capable of converting a composite (Yellow video and Red/White Audio) source to a Component (R/G/B video + R/W audio) source.

If it cant you are probably better sticking with what you have found - no reason for it not to work.

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