Connect a Virgin Cable to a BT Box

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Apologies for the bit of ramble, but it adds context to the query. The wife decided to switch from Virgin to BT aside from this being an absolute nightmare she has been left with only half the install as we don't have an external ariel running into the living room, we got Virgin installed when we moved in so never bothered installing an eternal ariel cable.

Anyway after many failed engineer visits, she finally got a guy round while I was at work and he mentioned to her that with the right connectors the Virgin ariel cable could be connected to the BT Box and act as an external ariel. So I suppose my first question is, is it actually possible to connect a virgin cable to a BT box?

He mentioned the range to F-type male/female connectors she would need, but of course the info going from him to her and her to me and now me to here has been lost a bit in translation. So my second question is, If this is possible what cable/connecters do I need?

I dunno if it helps or is necessary but I have attached pictures of the cable end and the connection into the box


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Simple answer is no mate, depending on location you may be able to get away with an indoor aerial, failing that you would need to get one installed outside.


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I think what the engineer meant was that you could use the length of cable that runs through your house to where to it terminates in the Virgin box. You would still need to have an external aerial fitted, but you wouldn't need to install a new internal cable.

You would change the plug on the TV end of the cable and then connect your new TV aerial and down lead to the other end of the cable.

You cannot just plug the current cable into your TV without carrying out the above steps.

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