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Connect a subwoofer to a Sony TA-FB940R


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I have recently purchased a Sony ta-fb940r and am wondering how or if possible i can connect a subwoofer to it and the best possible speakers, personal experience.

But i have looking into subs with high level/speaker connections. but i am getting very confused and because of personal reasons i am not suppose to read too much.

thank you


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I think that is the same Sony amp I used in my hi-fi - it's a stereo only amp, so why would you want to add a subwoofer? I'm not even sure that's possible to be honest, only going by my memory of the rear panel inputs.

Is it definitely a stereo amp you have and are looking to connect one pair of loudspeakers? (leaving aside the issue of the sub for the moment)


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thanks for your reply and yea floorstand speakers but not an issue now as a mate of mine is gunna give me his beloved missions :D

it is just a amp i understand it wouldn't be awesome with a sub but would still notice the difference, I have done some research (but the other half does not like me reading, long Story) :(
that I could use a crossover or band pass to filter the right freqencys into the sub straight from a speaker output,(or something like that) I know I would be very limited and may not be the best I could get. I am trying to wire a sub into 1 of the 4 channels, so set A would be my speakers and set B my sub.

I could get a picture of the back of the unit but would have to bare with me as I am running Linux (Ubuntu Live CD) at the moment due to hard drive faluire. :suicide:

Thanks for the help


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I'm still a little confused. First of all, are you talking about a stereo only system for listening to music, or a surround sound system for films (and possibly music also)?

I think if you get some Missions you certainly wouldn't need a subwoofer for music - I have used that amp with bookshelf Missions (780) and never once felt the need for a sub.

I don't think connecting a sub to either the A or B speaker terminals on the amp would work either - it would need a dedicated subwoofer input, which is usually connected with an interconnect lead rather than speaker cable. That depends on the terminals on your sub of course, but that's how they're generally connected. But again, I would seriously question the need for a sub in a music only set up... And you may potentially damage your amp if connecting a sub to it the way you're talking about!

If you have some pictures of all your equipment and detail in steps exactly what you want to do it should be easier to assist you :)


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thanks again

i am really only setting it up for music but do watch some films in stereo but i will see how the missions feel, like you say i might not need one this amp is awesome. thanks for the info and clearing some stuff up.

At the moment in time a am only running 2 aiwa 40w speaker :rotfl: and they do give a fair bit of bass.

but many thanks

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