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Confusion connecting Nintendo Gamecube to Sony Bravia LCD HDTV?


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Hi, I am new to the forum.
I am trying to connect my gamecube to a Sony Bravia LCD HD TV using a single pin connector from the AV Out on the gamecube. I cannot find where I connect this RF Out lead to on the gamecube. I connected it to a socket on the side which was the right type but I think it was an aerial socket. I tried finding the gamecube by selecting a channel from external inputs menu on the TV. None of them picked up the gamecube signal. I have no idea where I put this. There is a video player, a sky box and a DVD player connected to the TV. I tried connecting the gamecube to the tv using the camera red white and yellow lead but it is not the right type for the socket on the gamecube's RF out. Can I connect my gamecube to the Bravia HD TV using rf out and a lead with a single pin connector? When I tried the channels the gamecube game screen did not appear.


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I believe the Gamecube has an accessory Rf Modulator, you need this to tune a Tv (on it's analogue tuner) to the Gamecube.


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I believe the Gamecube has an accessory Rf Modulator, you need this to tune a Tv (on it's analogue tuner) to the Gamecube.

Ah I see, so I have to tune into the gamecube on an analog channel on the Bravia to pick up the gamecube's signal after I power it on? And that is using the side socket for the aerial?


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The side socket on a TV is normally a composite in socket (Yellow socket) and not the RF in which you would use for tuning.
Does the Gamecube have a RF modulator in the output cable?
If yes you need to plug into the aerial in on the TV.
If a yellow plug then it is composite and needs to connect to the side socket.


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I don't recall the Gamecube coming with an RF cable (like the SNES/N64) but a composite cable like you'd get with a Wii. In which case it should be an RCA plug which goes into the composite input, or a SCART input via an adapter.

At any rate, you're probably much better off getting a higher quality cable for it, either an RGB Scart (which would obviously go into one of the SCART inputs on your TV) or, if your Gamecube has a "digital AV out" section on the back, you can buy a component cable for it, but these tend to be expensive to buy these days (you need one specific to the gamecube as the cable itself contains the video DAC).

Anyway, the RGB scart would still provide a MASSIVE jump in picture quality over a composite or RF cable.

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