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Confusing ps4 sound anomaly

AV Monkey

Established Member
Hi guys hopefully someone can clear up a confusing issue I have.
I have a Pioneer vsx933 with a ps4 pro connected by hdmi. Now why is it the receiver appears to be getting told by the ps4 its constantly sending a dd 5.1 soundtrack. When I know and can see/hear that the source is 2 channel stereo. Im really confused. I had a Cambridge audio 640r before it died which also had all 5.1 speaker lights on constantly just the same before using optical out at that time. The ps3 didn't do this. The receiver would show which speakers we're being used reflecting the source sound track.


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Is PS4 set to PCM or Dolby out, if set to Dolby perhaps it just transcodes audio into Dolby no matter what.

AV Monkey

Established Member
It's set to Dolby yes. I don't understand why the ps4 allows you to set it to Dolby or dts priority? What's the point. The receiver will know what's its getting sent anyway. Now I can't see and my receiver has no idea what it's getting because for some reason the ps4 wants to lie to it and tell it its 5.1 when its obviously not. Makes no sense. I'm surprised no one else is questioning this with their ps4.

I've got one other question. Does the pioneer not have Dolby prologic? My Denon 2310 has it and automatically selects it if the source is not dd/dts i.e tv programs/films without 5.1 soundtrack.


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Set the console to BITSTREAM as opposed to having it convertformats. Also note that if wanting it to Bistream the audio in association with Blu-ray discs you may be playing with it then you'll need to configure some additional options as well as setting it HDMI Audio Output option to Bitstream:

first configure the PS4 to:
  • Output bitstream audio for games and video playback.
  • Output audio via HDMI, and ensure that the "Audio Format (Priority)" is set to "Bitstream (Dolby)."
1. From the Settings menu, select "Sound and Screen".
2. Select "Audio Output Settings".
3. Set the "Primaty Output Port" to "HDMI OUT" (Assuming your PS4 is connected to our product via HDMI).
4. Set the "Audio Format (Priority)" to "Bitstream (Dolby)".

Now that the audio output of the PS4 is configured, you also need to make additional settings to ensure you get bitstream audio during video playback.

Playback a disc and while it's playing, press the "Options" button on the PS4 controller.
Select "Settings" > "Audio Format" > "Bitstream (Direct)".

AV Monkey

Established Member
Thanks dante01. I have already set as you describe. The receiver shows all the correct input sound formats from bluray when I play a disk. And I can clearly hear that games are in 5.1. I have it set to auto surround. It just doesn't seem to be getting told when its getting 2channel. It still shows 5.1 speakers on the display and when I press info button on remote it says dd 5.1 input and 5.1 output even when its only getting 2ch stereo like when im watching youtube or a series on netflix which is not dd 5.1.
Its as if the ps4 is lying to it.

AV Monkey

Established Member
Does no one else's receiver show 5.1 when they are watching something they know is 2channel using their ps4 pro?


Distinguished Member
The receiver's AUTO setting would automatically select an upmixing mode such as Dolby Surround whenever a format consisting of fewer than 5.1 discrete channels is detected.

Go into the receiver's GNERAL --> INFORMATION --> AUDIO setting to ascertain the exact audio format being input into the receiver plus any additional upmixing modes being applied to it.


Prominent Member
Hi all,
strange one here. From working perfectly this morning I am not getting any signal to my centre channel? All dialog being sent to L&R's (sounds horrible on certain games with dialog). Noticed it while watching TWD on Sky. Odd thing is, certain Netflix titles play fine :thumbsdow
  • Pro set to - HDMI OUT / Linear PCM (worked perfectly for past 16 months).
  • Changed Audio Ouput Settings on Pro. When changed to Optical, only a 2 channel input shows on AVR then it's up-mixed.
  • Format shows 2/0/.0 on AVR info when Optical is selected and 3/4/.1 when HDMI is selected but no centre signal.
  • I have tried swapping HDMI cable and into different HDMI input on AVR.
  • On all other sources everything works as intended.
Any ideas before I do a full initialisation of the Pro. Thanks in advance.


Novice Member
I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to add a few comments.

I’ve noticed my Xbox has added a passthrough mode in recent updates which I believe is exactly what has been missing from both PlayStation and Xbox. My PlayStation 4 Pro continues to send out a fixed “signal type” either Multichannel pcm 7.1, DD5.1 or DTS 5.1 based on selection in audio output settings. If the source content is anything but those it will sound bad and some channels will be missing, usually center channel and surrounds.

For example Spotify should be 2 channel but shows as 7.1 pcm on my receiver and nothing comes out of my center channel or surrounds even when I try setting receiver to 5channel stereo. Basically the issue is that the receiver is “seeing” either 7.1 or 5,1 but many of the channels are not actually there. So, as OP mentioned- the PlayStation is indeed lying to the receiver and resulting in not so great sound.


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