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I am confused alot with this progressive scan stuff lately. I have a Sony trinitron 50 Hz tv , got 2 scarts. My question is that would I be able to get better quality picture if I used a RGB(component) output from dvd to the scart input of TV or do I need a tv which has component input to get better images. Please help!?!


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First up - progressive scan is not the same as RGB and neither is the same as component.

Most CRT TVs are not enabled for progressive scan, nor would it help one, particularly, if it were. Progressive is used, typically, for flat-panel devices such as Plasma and LCD, including projectors.

The 'opposite' of progressive, is 'interlaced', and this is the natural state for any TV picture, regardless of source.

A TV picture can be carried along a wire or wires in several different ways:

1: As Radio Frequency (RF) mixed with sound - this is the type pf signal the broadcasters use and it goes into the TV via the aerial cable. DVD players typically don't have such an output, but VCRs do. This is the worst method of carrying a signal.

2: As composite video. One cable for video. Sound is carried separately.

3: As S-Video. Two cables - one cable each for Colour and Brightness. Sound is separate.

4: As RGB. One cable each for Red, Green and Blue colours. Maybe an extra cable for the synch, but this can equally be mixed with one of the colours (green usually).

5: As Component. Similar to RGB, but the contents of the three cables is different.

RGB and Component are the best way of carrying an analog video signal.

Progressive scan signals are always carried using component.

To answer your basic question - you will need to ensure that your DVD is NOT outputting progressive scan - your TV won't handle it. IF your TV has an RGB-enabled SCART socket then use that for DVD and set your DVD player up to output RGB via its SCART. Use a fully-wired (all pins connected) SCART between the two. RGB will give you the best PQ for a regular TV.


Thanks alot for the help Nigel , this is probably the best answer I have ever gotten on the subject!


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Progressive signals are also carried via RGB and VGA connectors. PC displays are 99.99% progressive using conventional CRT tubes. If you watch dvds on your pc your almost definitely watching them in progressive scan mode.

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