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Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by skimpy, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. skimpy


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    OK guys hope you can help, :thumbsup: I work for a school and we have recently purchased a DVD Player/Recorder. Setting it up is confusing. I will lay out what I require and lay out what we have and see if anyone can come up with ideas. :clap:

    I need to copy video to video & video to DVD.
    I need to copy sky to video & sky to DVD.
    I need to copy TV to video & tv to DVD
    I need to copy Video Camera to Video & to DVD.

    I have a pye television, no scart socket
    I have an alba video recorder, one scart socket
    I have a bush video recorder, one scart socket
    I have a sky satalite box two scart sockets
    I have liteon 5001 DVD player/recorder with tv turner and two scart sockets
    I have a manual switch box VCR1,2,3 (a,b,c),scarts and TV/monitor scart with switches record: RGB/on/off, B-A, C-A, and view A, B, C,.

    Personally I think my only solution is to get a tv with scart but if there is another way - I'm sure someone on here will know??? :lease: :lease:

    Many thanks in advance for your help :smashin:

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