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confused !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by steve of essex, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. steve of essex

    steve of essex

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    Hi ,
    I have just purchased a panasonic E50 dvd recorder. I would like to be able to record from my panasonic satellite reciever on both the E50 and my panasonic HD 645 VHS recorder. My problem being that the satellite reciever only has a TV scart and one video scart. will a split scart lead solve my problem or do i need to purchase a switching box.
    I have the following sockets available .

    Toshiba TV
    AV1 scart , AV2 scart , AV3 audio-video and s/video socket

    Panasonic satellite reciever
    TV scart , Video scart

    Panasonic HD645 vhs recorder
    AV1 ( Tv scart ), AV2 scart (satellite) AV3 audio video conection on front.

    Panasonic E50
    AV1 scart , AV2 scart , AV3 audio video + s video input , AV4 audio video + s video output.

    Any assistance you can offer would be appreciated.
    thx Steve
  2. Rasczak

    Novice Member

    Apr 3, 2002
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    No you don;t need a switching box. Hook up as follows:

    Digibox TV Out > AV2 on the E50 and then AV1 > TV AV1

    Digibox VCR Out > AV2 on the VCR and then AV1 > TV AV2

    Ensure Sky is set to RGB (goto Services/Setup/Picture Settings/"Video Mode") and ensure both AV1 and AV2 are set to "RGB" on the E50 (goto Functions/Setup/Connections).

    This setup will mean you can make best quality recordings from Sky (in RGB).

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